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Psychological Services

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Individual Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy is a joint effort: it is important for your progress that all aspects of treatment be collaborative and that both the patient and therapist are actively engaged in this process. In my work with patients I take an empathic, active, and direct approach. My goal is to help you consider and better understand your feelings, thoughts, and interpersonal patterns, along with the past and familial origins of your current struggles. Additionally, I look to support you in identifying and working through your current stressors and conflicts. In this way, I believe patients are best able to work towards moving beyond their current difficulties and experience healing and growth.

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Fees and Insurance

Feel free to contact me in advance of our first session with any questions regarding fees and insurance. I am currently accepting some insurance programs through

I am also an out-of-network provider for plans that have that option. If you have a health insurance plan which allows for an out-of-network provider, you may qualify for reimbursement which we can discuss further. While you are accountable for payment at the time of service, I can assist in this process by providing you with a superbill that you may easily submit to your insurance company. 

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New Patients

I am currently accepting new patients for Telehealth services only. Please contact me to discuss any questions you might have and to schedule an initial appointment. I can be contacted via email to establish an initial connection, though before your first appointment, I would like to speak with you on the phone to get a better idea of how I can best help you. We will then set up a time to meet and I will provide you with forms to complete prior to our first session. During your initial visit, we will further discuss what brings you to therapy, identify your goals, and discuss how treatment can best help you meet your goals.

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